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Engineered Wood

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    Engineered wood is a composite material consisting of panels of strands, fibers, boards, or veneers bound together with adhesives to lower cost, weight, and quantity of material, and increase versatility to meet application-specific requirements for size, durability, and structural stiffness and strength. It is commonly used in indoor applications like furniture and cabinetry. Examples of engineered wood include particle board, oriented strand board (OSB), and medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

    Care should be taken when working or cutting this type of wood as some of the adhesives used could be toxic; it is recommended that it be handed with personal protective equipment.

    • AJS Joists – LVL Beams
    • Engineered Wood I-Joists
    • Laminated Veneer and Accessories
    • Engineered Hangers (Simpson Strongite)

    We are able to quote on both residential and commercial/industrial projects. Complete roof truss packages are available.